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Q'Straint | Wheelchair Tie-Downs | Wheelchair Seat Belts | Wheelchair Straps

We are an authorized dealer of Q'Straint wheelchair restraints, wheelchair tie-downs, wheelchair seat belts, wheelchair straps and other accessories. With a large selection of products, you will find the proper wheelchair tie-down kits, occupant restraint systems, and tracks for wheelchair accessible cars, vans, and other vehicles. And as always, we offer everyday low prices and great service.

All Q'Straint wheelchair and occupant securement products meet or exceed the following regulations: SAE J2249; ISO 10542; FMVSS 209, 302, 210, 222; CMVSS 209;, CSA Z605; AS 2596; ADA.

In addition, Q'Straint wheelchair products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. For more information, please refer to the Q'Straint website.


Featured Q'Straint Products

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Q'Straint QRT Max

The QRT series of retractors are the easiest and fastest-securing 4-point systems available today. These systems allow drivers to secure a wheelchair in less than 15 seconds, while reducing the risk of driver injury and drastically reducing vehicle wait times for transportation operators.

QRT Max Kits

QRT Max Parts


Q'Straint QRT Deluxe

The QRT Deluxe was the first self-locking, self-tensioning retractable system and is now the industry standard.

QRT Deluxe Kits

QRT Deluxe Parts



Q'Straint QRT Standard

The QRT Standard is an economical, semi-automatic retractor system to help meet minimum specifications and cost-conscious budgets without sacrificing safety.

QRT Standard Kits

QRT Standard Parts


Manual Kits


Q'Straint M-Series

The M-Series wheelchair and occupant securement system is economical & crash-tested. The perfect option for budget conscious applications.

M-Series Kits

M-Series Parts



Q'Straint Q-5000

The Q-5000 Series is our original manual belt system offered for L-track and floor pocket anchorages, Every component is designed and engineered to work together. The system is sold worldwide and it can accomodate virtually all wheelchair designs including scooter chairs. There is no need for a special system for unique chairs.

Q-5000 Kits

Q-5000 Parts